Monday, October 19, 2020

Forum Q & A: Do You Use the Pinning Feature?

What does pinning do?

If you have been active on social media for a while then you can probably remember a time when you shared something of significance and it got lost or buried in the post stream. You had no other choice but to post the link all over again. Why? Because if your social network is growing and you shared the post over a year ago, your newer followers and friends may not ever see the post because they don't have the patience to go back that far into your posts.

To fix this, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus all came up with the idea of “pinning a post” to your profile or your page.

A good analogy is like when you have a cork bulletin board and you use a push pin to pin a note to the board, so that it's always there IN YOUR FACE!


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