Thursday, March 25, 2021

Earn Bitcoin Cash Publishing Blog Posts or Articles on Read.Cash is a new platform which was launched in 2020.

If you are a newbie or inexperienced blogger or article writer, AND you are interested in earning Bitcoin Cash for your content, you might want to check it out.  I consider myself at the intermediate blogging level and I'm testing the waters.  So far I can tell you that it is a super easy publishing platform.  You can write short posts or full articles. You can join the community at large and then also join sub-communities to find members who share your common interests.

I have been active ~ writing and reading ~ since the beginning of 2021.  If you don't want to write, there is a way to earn for reading and sharing content published on Read.Cash.  Check the FAQ for details.  As of today, March 25, 2021, my profile shows 10 articles (titles below).  You can write on almost any topic.  The atmosphere at the site is very casual and accommodating.   It's worth a look see.


List of Read.Cash articles published by Treathyl Fox aka "cmoneyspinner":

~ Do You Know What Your Name Means?

~ Sleepers — Every Home Has The One (Humor)

~ Las frutas exóticas son maravillosas delicias naturales

~ Knight Life by Peter David

~ Read a Self Help Book For a U.S. History Perspective

~ How I Learned About FOREX, a Real Life Experience

~ Twitter Versus Noise.Cash ~ A Quick Comparison to Get The Facts

~ Travel Bucket List: Sea of Galilee

~ Name the Top 2 Travel Destinations in Your Country

~ Dating Apps: Kind of Glad I Didn't Have to Be Rewired

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