Friday, May 29, 2020

Publishing Newsletters Should Be a Part of Your Content Distribution Strategy

I have been very active lately in various Facebook groups. In one group the Admin/Moderator recommended that people publish a newsletter using the Substack publishing tool.

What are the advantages?
* The main advantage is that you can set up a Paid Subscription.

Now … if you have been blogging and writing articles as long as I have and have not ever managed to earn a consistent income when you visit a site and the first thing you see is information indicating that you could earn about $4,000 a month from paid subscribers, you think to yourself: 'It's free to sign up. What have I got to lose?'

So March 30, 2020 … marked on my calendar … was the day I created a free Substack account and published my first Discussion Thread.

I had a choice. I could either publish an article or a post OR publish a short discussion thread. I chose the discussion thread because it's kind of like when everybody is yelling “Jump in! The water is fine!” Then you go to the water's edge and stick your toe in, and you yell back “Just testing!”

I have decided that my first “test” is going to be a FREE subscription. Although that was not my initial plan. I was going to charge a small monthly fee or an annual fee. But you don't have to set up your newsletter as a PAID subscription. You can offer it to your readers at no charge. Besides! If I'm being honest. I really don't think anybody would be willing to pay for a subscription of “my stuff”. I lack confidence.

I decided to offer a Free subscription for two reasons.

Reason 1: I don't want to create a Stripe account. I am already using Stripe for 2 different writing sites and just don't want to create another one right now. It's an arbitrary decision. I don't want to! That's all!

Reason 2: I think ... or at least I plan … to use the newsletter to redirect reader traffic to my monetized blogs and articles.

When I publish content on my newsletter, I receive the statistics via eMail on how well the articles are doing and it very clearly indicates if the external links that I provided were clicked on. I have noticed that some of the click-through traffic is going to back my monetized sites.

Yes I know I could charge for the newsletter. But what I would really like is to get traffic back to my already monetized blogs and websites.

I joined the Medium Partner Program and my articles are starting to earn. I just need to get more traffic to them.

The same thing for my HUBPages articles. They generate passive income and just need more traffic to generate more income.

Recently, one of my Blogspot blogs got approved for Infolinks ads and almost at the same time, Google sent me an eMail communication that they were going to “experiment” with my blog to see if it could generate more Ad Sense revenue.

So! Why be greedy? If I can get readers from my newsletter to click through and visit my Blogspot blog and my Medium and HUBPages articles, I would still be earning income.

It makes financial sense. Doesn't it? :$:

Substack VS

I also recommend that you use to generate a newsletter. But since that time, there were changes made to the publishing service and now my newsletter isn't quite the same.

So I'm going to test the Substack newsletter publishing and see how it goes.

The tool is a very automated process. By contrast, I have much more manual control over the content that appears in my Substack publication.

I am going to use both tools to publish newsletters because they can both help me promote and market my monetized content.

It's a plan. Hope it works!  ☺

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