Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Make Money Online: Affiliate Marketing Tips for Newbies

It's 2022.  Decades ago my late husband and I tried to start a consumer electronics eCommerce website.  It was part of a drop-shipping program.  All you had to do was get visitors to your website to buy the product and you would earn income.  That work-at-home project was a total flop!  

This is not to say that you should not try drop-shipping.  You might be very successful.  But it was very hard to get traffic to our website.  To make matters worse, my husband was anti-social media and according to the experts, social media marketing is one of the best way to market your products.  

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Anyway!  I wrote it off as a hard lesson learned.  My husband gave up.  But I did not give up!  I noticed that others were engaged in profitable make money online projects and became even more determined to find a way to generate an income stream through my online activities.  I stumbled across an article about affiliate marketing and that pointed me in a different direction.

This is my story.

I tried to use Tumblr for affiliate marketing purposes but they kept deleting my blogs. As an alternative, I started using Blogspot. I managed to get a few of my blogs approved for Google Ad Sense and I am an Amazon affiliate. That's mainly how I monetize my blog my content. Through my blogs I began generating an income stream.  Even though the earnings trickle in slowly, the blogs do earn. However, when people started using ad blockers, it made generating revenue from advertising rather difficult.

My husband lost interest in working online, so I was on my own.  Since I was now going solo, I decided to establish my social media presence.  I am active on most of the popular social media platforms.  However, Twitter is proving to be the best platform when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Twitter allows multiple accounts, so I created a few niche accounts. One of my niche Twitter accounts is for online shopping (@goshoppingbees). In addition to being an Amazon affiliate, I signed up for VigLink (now known asSovrn Commerce).  There are 4 things that are great about this affiliate marketing program.

  1. It has thousands of merchants from all over the world.

  2. Most of the merchants do PPC (Pay Per Click) which means you earn when a person clicks your shared link; you earn if they click through to the merchant's website.

  3. Sovrn Commerce has a tool that lets you create an affiliate link for any merchant's product or service.

  4. You can easily share those links via Twitter and the ad blockers don't block your tweets.  Woo hoo!!

It took years but I slowly gained followers on Twitter. Real followers.  I have found this social media platform to be the most useful for affiliate marketing purposes. 
That's my experience.  Hope you find it helpful.

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