Friday, November 19, 2021

Before and After: Instagram Posting Tips for Newbies

I am an Instagram newbie.  My very first Instagram account which was directly linked to Facebook profile (same name and everything), mysterious vanished one day.  I have never solved the mystery.  Ever try to get Help for your Instagram account?  It's a nightmare!  At any rate ... since I was banished from the Instagram kingdom, I just created another account.  In fact, I created two.  Hey!  I am not banished and they allow multiple accounts.

So I have 2 business accounts:  

myfoxnooze AND wishlistshopping4u.  

Instagram accounts

When I first created my accounts they asked if I wanted business OR personal.  Since it was no charge to create a business account, I opted for a business account.  I am a work-at-home professional since 2007 and use most of my social media accounts for my online work projects.

It took me years to even create my first Instagram account.  I only made one because a friend sent me an Invite link.  I accepted the invitation, created my account.  It had about 500 posts and it was a few years old ... but as I said, one day it disappeared ... without a trace.  UNSOLVED MYSTERY.

Nobody else sent me Invites but it turns out that all I needed to create an Instagram was an eMail address.  Don't ask me why, but for some reason I thought that I needed a mobile phone.  All those years without an Instagram account when I could have just used an eMail address.  Eh!  Live and Learn.

So now to my BEFORE and AFTER Instagram story.

Once I created my account on my laptop, I found that I could not post on my laptop.  

So what was the solution?

BEFORE: I have never used a mobile device to post to my Instagram account. I have always used a desktop OR a laptop. However, I had to install a Chrome browser extension called Desktop Instagram in order to post/share to my IG account. The extension was not made by Facebook, who owns Instagram.

AFTER: When I signed in to my Instagram the other day ( Nov 2021, middle of the month) there was a message that said; “Now you can create and share posts on your computer”. So instead of using the browser extension like I have done in the past, I clicked the plus sign and created a post on my laptop. Below is my first post using the new feature. IG still won't convert your links so people can just click on them. Instagram has no-clickable-link policy.  I don't care.  I put my links in the post anyway! People have to copy and paste a link if it is shared in the post description. I figure if they like it, tehy will.  I know I have copied and pasted links because I wanted to know more than the short blurb that was in the post.  Back on point.  The post creation process was super easy and now I don't have to use the browser extension any more.

My First Post without using the browser extension ~

I have 2 free business accounts used mainly for affiliate marketing and for sharing links to my monetized blogs and articles.  Every now and then I share something personal.  I want folks to know my personality and that I'm a real person.  LOL. ☺

Do you use Instagram?  Business OR Personal?