Monday, March 6, 2023


When it comes to cryptocurrency faucets, there are so many out there, it makes your head spin. Some say that these faucets are a waste of time because you spend so much time and earn so little. I say there are some faucets that fit that description. But there are other faucets that are profitable if used wisely. 

One such faucet is COINTIPLY. 

This faucet has many features but these are the features that make me say this faucet is worthwhile. 

~ Super easy tasks to earn crypto rewards, e.g. rolling a faucet, PTC ads, participate in surveys. You can also play games, but that's not my thing.

~ During certain months in the Cointiply often has PROMOS where you can earn extra coins even though you are performing the same tasks, mentioned above.

~ You can earn weekly interest of 5% on your balance of 35,000 coins or more.

~ You earn extra coins for members who signed up under your referral links.

~ You earn a loyalty bonus just for signing in daily to your account.

There are lots of other features.

Here is the beauty of this faucet. You can withdraw your coins as Bitcoin, Doge, Dash, or Litecoin.

Even though I can leave my coins at Cointiply and earn interest, I withdraw them and deposit them to an account on a platform where I can earn interest on them OR trade them for other cryptocurrencies. 

Sometimes, I just sell my coins to friends for cash (US dollars). I withdraw the coins to their wallet address and I can receive a USD payment via PayPal.  It's a straight-up peer-to-peer transaction. Comes in handy when my bank account is low!

I have been earning cryptocurrency using the Cointiply faucet since 2017.  It's definitely LEGIT!

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